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About Us

We are an insurance broker company that grants you an independent insurance advice throughout all the insurance companies in Denmark.

The association for ”De Frie Forsikringsmæglere” is a nationwide association of insurance brokers, and we have brokers in all parts of the country. Find us here.

We give you personal contact and advice throughout the process of reviewing Your business insurance needs, completion of the offer of insurance, the establishment of policies at the selected insurance company, and provides professional counseling, if an accident occurs.

International insurance

”De Frie Forsikringsmæglere” can also help insurance abroad if nessasary. Whether it’s manufacturing sites, offices, stores or other to be insured, we are the right partner for you.

We are part of the international broker network Wing. By working with us you get a local insurance broker that meets our high standards.

We help all kinds of businesses such as:

◦ Production companies
◦ Retail and hotel / restaurant business
◦ Wholesalers
◦ Craftsmen
◦ Agriculture
◦ Clinics
◦ Schools and institutions
◦ Property rental
◦ Utilities
– and many others


Responsible for disputes and complaints

If you as a customer or business partner has been out for anything you get in touch with the Independent insurance brokers, we want to hear about it.

We put much emphasis on openness and trust, and we will be the first to correct a bad experience.

Contact where appropriate Peter Krogh on mobile +45 20 75 55 00 or write to pk@defrie.dk

Get in touch!

For more information please contact Peter Krogh on telephone +45 20 75 55 00
or mail him at pk@defrie.dk